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When do I get paid on a PoshMark sale?

So your first sale has happen and you have rushed  and packed it up in light blue tissue paper, a gold bow and thank you card!!!
And then you wait for the money to roll into your account. And you wait. You have careful tracked your package to the buyer, watched  when it was out for the delivery - then nothing.
Now we all want our buyers to rush and open that neatly package item from you - falling deeply in love with the item but unfortunately that's not always the case.
Sometimes the parcel goes unopened, maybe the buyer is on vacation, what ever the reason the item does not get accepted.
A buyer has three days to accept an item once it has been delivered after that the item is automatically accepted and the funds released.
Once the funds are released you can either spend them on PoshMart or you can have them sent to your bank account  

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