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Hire a Virtual Assistant for PoshMark

Welcome to your Virtual Assistant for PoshMark! Are you tired of the non stop sharing! Do you find yourself sharing with every spare moment. Can you say yes to any of following. • I often share when I'm watching TV • When I eating • When I'm sat at a red light! I know I can say yes to all the above. It was the time commitment to sharing that got me started in trying to find a better way! That's right I am a Posh Ambassador and have been for several years. Like many I first started as a buyer on PoshMark. Then I started selling my closet, next came thrifting! Now days have over a thousand items on average for sale! Over the last couple of years I have been developing ways of sharing which are safe and efficient. I now offer sharing through Fiverr and have over 900 5 star reviews. My sharing helps many poshers like you achieve better sales So you can see I understand how PoshMark works, I understand your frustrations and pains when your not selling an