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What is PoshMark Sharing?

So let's talk about PoshMark sharing. Sharing on Poshmark is done in several ways: Sharing your items to your followers. Followers are those people that follow your closet. Sharing to the parties. Parties is where the focus is on particular brands or themes, for example back to school. Alternatively you can share your followers stuff or even other people stuff which you see and like. This is called community sharing.

PROTIP: Sharing items from the parties when it is on, is a great way to get new followers. If an item has just been shared then you know the seller is online and more likely to see your share and follow and share you back. When you share and follow it shows in the user feed. The problem is you can gets 100's of shares, likes and follows everyday and it can be time consuming backtracking to share or follow back. It is so much better to catch people when they are online

So which is the best type of sharing to do. Sharing to parties? Sharing to Followers? Sharing other people's stuff? Lets dig into this more

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Sharing to parties?

Parties are a great way to target people who are looking for a particular brand or style. Parties are perfect to get your followers in particular niches. The problem is so many people join parties, there are is so much stuff being shared it is hard to keep up. Also the people that attend the parties are mostly sellers. Buyers will search for items they are looking for.

Sharing to your followers?

People often follow you because they like your style. That said there is a competitive desire to have lots of followers. There is also suggestions in that the Poshmark algorithm favors closets with more followers and I have personally seen closets have boost in sales when they hit certain limits on followers. 30K seems to the magic number when the numbers of sales jump a bit. That said these sales might just jump as more people are seeing your items in their feed

Sharing community shares?

This is one of the most successful strategies that I have seen work is community sharing. But not any old community sharing. So not to your followers. But people sharing to the Poshmark parties. People sharing to parties are active right then! This is one of the biggest issues with Poshmark, there are so many people who are inactive for long periods of time and following or sharing their items could go unnoticed!

What is my favorite strategy.

1) I share my PoshMark closet every day, usually in the morning. There are so many abandoned closets on PoshMark I personally won't buy from a closet that has not been shared for more than a week. Several times I have bought stuff from an unshared closet only to have to cancel the order later. Today my rule of thumb on buying on PoshMark is, if the closet is not being shared then avoid it.

2) I very rarely share my stuff to parties. I know people go crazy for them but personally I never met anyone who has sold from a party.

3) I do a lot of community shares. My favorite it the woman's section on PoshMark. Usually I will share 500 or 600 items in this section 4 or 5 times a day. I find this gives me the best engagement of all the different sharing options

Whichever method you choose - Happy PoshMark Sharing


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